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Armand Morin's Internet Tools

Armand Morin and Alex Mandossian have teamed up for the AM2 Coaching Program. It is absolutely the best internet training program available. Click here to find out all about AM2 Now.

Attend the Big Seminar in Atlanta Georgia

Internet Tools

eBook Generator

eCover Generator

Sales Letter Generator

Pop Over Generator

Header Generator

Psychological Tactics

Directory Generator

Multi Track Generator

Internet Marketing Explained

Screen Cam Generator

Focus Generator

Audio Generator

Smart Page Generator


New Technological Breakthrough, lets YOU take control over your Search Engine Rankings For the First Time Ever and will Drive Massive Targeted Traffic To Your Websites!

"Instantly Generates 30 SmartPages And Creates An
Website Or Affiliate Link --ALL In Under 3 Minutes Flat!"

We developed 5 top 10 listings on Google in less than two months. Buy Now you can see why we love Smart Page Generator

Focus Generator

"Why Would You Continue To Use Old, Outdated and Overrated Technology To Try To Make Your Prospects Stand Up and Pay Attention... Especially When There's a More Effective and Better Way?"

New Technology Allows You To... Create Unlimited Cash Generating "FOCUS" Popups ANYTIME You Want, With Only A Few Clicks Of Your Mouse!

Finally... Focus Generator Is Released!

You need to be first to get on this profit train before your competitors do.

Click here and make sure you get your hands on this incredible tool and start reaping all the massive benefits of this new wave of technology.

eCover Generator for eBooks


"What If You Could... Hire a World-Class Graphics Designer Who Would Create Amazing eCovers For You 24 Hours A Day 7 Days A Week
For Only a One-Time Low Payment?"

Discover the "Secret Weapon"

Used By Over 2000+ Satisfied Customers Worldwide.

Save time and money. Generate your own eBook covers automatically in only 5 minutes. BUY NOW and save thousands of dollars on graphics.

Header Generator


Let new Header Generator software show you how easy it is to Create Amazing Header Graphics for your website. INCREASES your conversion ratio by 300%.

Header Generator will show you how to...take any mediocre site and turn it into Amazingly Stunning...in less time than it takes you to drink a cup of coffee! 100% Guaranteed.

You cannot do without Header Generator if you want a professional website.

MultiTrack Generator


Boosts Your Sales By 100, 200, Even 3,000% Using New Triple Testing-Tracking-And-Tweaking Technology That Tests Multiple Variables, Tracks Everything For You And Automatically Tweaks Your Website As It Transforms It Into A Cash-Sucking Machine Before Your Very Eyes...

Created Specifically For Internet Marketers Easily Explodes Your Website Conversions Unlike Anything You've Ever Seen!

Order the MulitTrack Generator Now and Explode Your Profit

Instant PDF Generator:


What if there was a way to create a PDF Document that was affordable, reliable and only required one click of your mouse to use?

Would you want to know about it?

Instant PDF Generator is now available!

Sales Letter Generator:


Now there's a fast, easy, and fool-proof way to...
"Creates Cash Producing Sales Letters. The same Kind of Letters I Have Used To Generate $167,434 In Just 5 1/2 Months!"

Now you can Create Professional Cash Producing Sales Letters in minutes.

eBook Generator


Discover why thousands of people from all over the world choose eBook Generator for their eBook Publishing needs.

"If you are looking for Time Tested and Proven eBook Software, which you DON'T have to be a ROCKET SCIENTIST to use... You are in the right place!

Find out why THOUSANDS of People, all over the world, chose eBook Generator for their ebook publishing needs. Buy the eBook Generator Now and get the NEW FEATURE: eBook Software Disabling Feature with NO user codes to buy now or ever.

Instant Directory Generator


"It Instantly Creates A New Breed of Website and Drives An Avalanche Of Targeted Traffic To All Your Products, Services and Affiliate Programs - 100% GUARANTEED!"

The One and Only Traffic System Which Has
NEVER FAILED Since The Start of The Internet!

Patent Pending Technology -- YOU Benefit Immediately
(Be Up and Running in Just Minutes With Almost NO EFFORT on Your Part)

Optin Automator


"Quickly Discover How You Can INSTANTLY EXPLODE Your OPT-IN LIST By Now Getting Your Hands On The SECRET TOOL Used By ALL Successful Online Marketers!"

The Money Is In YOUR List, and This Must-Have Tool Will MAXIMIZE Your Opt-Ins and CASH-IN Your Exit Traffic

The Optin Automator will pay for itself 100 times over

Psychological Tactics


"Let Us Hand You These 21 Top-Secret Methods To
Instantly (and Ethically) Persuade Prospects to Buy
NOW and Start Influencing Customers to Keep Buying FOREVER …
No Matter What Business You're In!"

Learn These 21 Secrets and Have Clients Throw Money at YOU NOW!

To supercharge your web marketing strategy, call Teri McCready at 775-747-8827
or eMail us at teri@360webmarketing.com.

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