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Affiliate Programs

Affiliate Training Manual


Read the amazing true story of how one woman, with no previous business experience, earns 400,000+ per year ... selling other people's stuff online!
In her down-to-earth, sincere and often humorous style, Rosalind Gardner guides you through the entire process of building an affiliate marketing business on the 'Net. In 236 pages, and more than 68,000 words, you'll learn how to pick the best programs, negotiate a commission raise and save time, money and effort on everything from affiliate software to web hosting. To learn exactly how she does it, Click Here.


Affiliate Tracking and Management Software

We can’t think of a single eCommerce business that should NOT have an affiliate program! If you’re selling a product or service online, your affiliate program instantly expands your sales force by recruiting other Web sites to sell for you.

You generate more sales
your affiliates generate commissions!

Affiliate Tracking and Management

For a fully integrated affiliate management system we recommend 1ShoppingCart. Once you invite other sites to become your affiliates - to display your banners and sell your product for you, you will need to automate all the tracking functions. Otherwise you will not be able to track the commission to pay your affiliates.

We recommend 1ShoppingCart.com to manage the process for you.

In addition to basic affiliate program management, it offers a totally integrated approach for managing the details of your online business and making it successful.

1ShoppingCart includes the following:

  • Ad and revenue tracking
  • Digital delivery system to deliver ebooks, software, etc.
  • Up-sell module
  • Electronic coupon and discount module
  • Offer management
  • Client database creation
  • Unlimited sequenced auto responders
  • Ability to send broadcast eMail
  • Ability to manage newsletter distribution and subscriber lists
  • Pop up wizard
  • Contact and survey forms
  • Secure shopping cart system that supports most payment gateways

Assoc Trac by Cory Rudl

"Test your own Affiliate Program
risk-free for the next 90 days!"

If you've been thinking about starting an affiliate program, here's your chance to "test" one with zero risk.

For a limited time, Corey Rudl has agreed to let you test your OWN affiliate program with AssocTRAC 4.0 -- the SAME solution he used to balloon his income by over $1,876,053 last year.

Click here now to begin your test...


If you have all of the above functions already taken care of, and just need to have your affiliate management automated, we recommend MyAffiliateProgram.

The software helps you promote your affiliate program and recruit affiliates. An Affiliate Training Center is part of the package.

Affiliate Guard

"How To Padlock Your Affiliate Profits
Keep Them 'Fort Knox' Safe

Using This Simple Point-and-Click Software!"


To supercharge your web marketing strategy, call Teri McCready at 775-747-8827
or eMail us at teri@360webmarketing.com.

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