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About 360

Quick, Affordable Online Surveys

360WebMarketing.com creates and delivers dynamic online surveys that will help you obtain the valuable information you need to plan your next meeting or event, measure employee satisfaction, or obtain feedback on your new Website.

Benefits of Online Surveys

  • Ever wonder what attendees really think of your meeting? Find out what they may NOT be willing to say to you directly or on a hard copy, end-of-meeting handout.

  • Responses are automatically tabulated and available online or by Excel spreadsheet. (This is of great value for anyone who’s ever tabulated survey results by hand!)

  • You can share results with selected members of your group just by sending them a link and a password

To have 360WebMarketing.com design and deploy your next survey, mailto:survey@360WebMarketing.com, or call 760.931.5433.

Try It Yourself!

Click here to take our sample survey. (Go ahead, make up some answers. You'll recognize them when you check the results!)

Click here to review the results. The password is 360survey.

Sample Meeting Survey Questions

  • Did attendees learn something from the presenter?
  • Was the Q and A segment long enough?
  • Would they consider joining your organization?
  • Did they think the venue was conducive to accomplishing the purpose of your meeting?
  • Did they benefit from the networking opportunities?

Types of Surveys

Here a few of the many types of surveys we can produce for your company or organization:

  • General Event Planning and Meeting Feedback
  • Seminar/Course Instructor Evaluation
  • Customer Satisfaction/Feedback
  • Employee Satisfaction
  • Performance Evaluation (Employee or Candidate)
  • Website Survey
  • Product Evaluation

Pre-Launch Surveys for Product and Services Offerings

We can also design surveys that will help you determine how your latest product or service offering will be received BEFORE you do the launch. Find out in advance

  • How your clients and customers perceive and use your products or services.
  • What new features or programs they want
  • How much they will pay for them.
  • What support issues are the most critical to them.

To have 360WebMarketing.com design and deploy your next survey, mailto:survey@360WebMarketing.com, or call 760.931.5433.


"Our goal is to provide you the best marketing tools available and to get your Website profitable ASAP!"
Teri McCready, CEO
360 Web Marketing

To supercharge your web marketing strategy, call Teri McCready at 775-747-8827
or eMail us at teri@360webmarketing.com.

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